My experience with Open Source Contribution.

The first week of contribution was so overwhelming for me, I was so eager to start contributing but then, where do I start from? Anxiety and imposter syndrome sets in, just then I had to remind myself that I can learn and grow from this experience.

One morning, while scanning through the different projects, I came across the Wikimedia project "Multilingual Wikipedia Editor Survey" . Just then my confidence grew. I remembered the many surveys I had done during my undergraduate studies and during my clinical practice years as a Dietician.

My last clinical project topic was about the “use of infant formula vs breastfeeding”. The survey questions are designed to gain a better understanding of the experiences and attitudes of mothers regarding infant feeding. The questions aim to explore the factors that influence infant feeding decisions, the level of support received, and the overall satisfaction with the experience. Additionally, the questions seek to identify any barriers or challenges that mothers face in relation to breastfeeding or formula feeding. Ultimately, the information gathered can help to inform and improve support for mothers regarding infant feeding.

Some of the survey questions included:

  • What type of milk (breastmilk or formula) did you use to feed your baby?

  • At what age did you introduce formula or other foods to your baby?

  • What factors influenced your decision to use breastmilk or formula.

  • Did you experience any issues with milk supply or letdown?

The knowledge and experience I had with these projects and the help of my mentors and fellow contributors helped me to contribute to the Wikipedia Editor Survey project.

After the contribution stage, I continued researching and learning about the Survey projects from these sites, while waiting for a positive response soon.

1.Wikipedia Editor Survey 2012.

2. Global South User Survey 2014.

3. Community Insights.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn, collaborate and build my skills and knowledge.